Our History

The congregation now known as Greater Harvest Church of God in Christ was initially organized by the founder of the Church of God in Christ,  (COGIC), the then Elder Charles Harrison Mason, and has been in continual existence since as far back as 1897 and possibly longer.  Until 1975 the congregation was known as South Fort Pickering Church of God in Christ.  The Greater Harvest congregation clearly has connections to the great Pentecostal Revivals of the late 19th/early 20th century.  As one of the earliest congregations of COGIC, the Greater Harvest congregation has been at the forefront of contemporary Pentecostalism.


Pastors of the congregation during her approximate 120 years existence include COGIC founder Bishop C. H. Mason, Elder George Taylor, Elder Fox, Elder G. L. Lofties, Superintendent C. H. Moore, Bishop Lee Ward, and current pastor, the Elder Renardo Ward.


Today, Greater Harvest Church continues to be a leader in the Pentecostal movement.  The ministries of the church consistently enable Greater Harvest Church to remain that beacon of light to a community that seems to be drifting from safe shores.  Greater Harvest Church is at the forefront of 21st century Pentecostalism and poised to continue to effectively take Christianity to an increasingly disaffected world.